mr greenthumb

So I think ‘I’m just going to trust my instincts and go for it.’ Half of the time my instincts are right and I feel great. Hence I live in my own ideal world, in here we don’t need the things most people do, only the feelings that travel and competition bring. Violence and novel experience are two enlightening experiences, the beauty of this lifestyle is here we get to pursue both of them simultaneously.

These passages shall contain all the accummulated wisdom of 26 years of bad decisions. The story only really begins 5 years ago, when upon being freed from the existence which had oppressed him for so long, this stray dog taken himself and his tail away, over seas to palm lined skies.

Muay Thai has come to define my life, and,  as such, I take great pride in it. There is good fighting and bad fighting, and the Thais are at the more dignified end of the spectrum. Trying to understand what it is which drives an elite boxer, and whether that could be found in myself became the experiement. Of course, I’d always been fit, but to me fighting was the ultimate expression of one’s physical prowess. What else then also drags people back to it is triumph in the face of adversity, and the grim thrill of violence – in this case unarmed combat. I’m sure they practiced something similar with swords and sandals until fairly recently in most parts of the world.

By now I’m certain that drugs are good for you, as long as you don’t do too many, and certain drugs more so than others. Ganja for the body and shrooms for the mind its seems, though there are plenty of other such portals to some other areas in your soul. Some people love getting mad wi’ it. Something about sunsets helps it too, and the sea, which is around 25 degrees c. From it you can watch those stars, but be careful you don’t slip too far you might not get back.

I note a hint of sadness, even, in these moments of  freedom and grandeur and beauty, lost to the world,  freed at last, and these moments have passed – as any other – and now a new era begins again, and so on, until years have passed and we find ourselves at a fresh beginning, and the time to become even more than than you once were.

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