Through muay Thai I have a life that prior to embarking on this trail might have only daydreamed about. For sure, it might not be to everyone’s taste, but the thrill and adrenaline rush of combat is like a drug. Only the high of this drug is the calm which can be achieved during an episode of the most intense sensory stimulation you can imagine. That calm and clarity are what begin to seep through into your interactions with life, the repose fighting gives is that of a calm or calculating tact. Most fighters are aware of their own limitations (and very often rise above them), and that is what gives the sensations of joy or of sorrow, depending on the outcomes and amounts of emotional investment.

Unfortunately, some people are just irritating – intentionally or not – and it usually has something to do with money. Money changes people, and makes them nice to your face, when they’re really thinking something else. Money makes people lie. Money is the supreme answer to the question of, ‘well, what am I going to do?’ The only problem is, there never seems to be enough of it, and its like the more you get of it, your hunger for more doesn’t slow down, so you end up with the greediest people also having the most. I mean, it feels good yeah, but wouldn’t you rather be free? What if this is our only shot at this, do I want to look back and think look at all these things I’ve accummulated, with pride? I suppose so, given that I’ve worked for all of these meagre possesions, fought for every last baht or yen or ringgit or pound.

The best part of plying the trade of the unarmed combatant in Asia, is without doubt the freedom of freelance work in the home of the sport, in the midst of a thriving international fighter and promoter network. From metropolitan cities to coastal towns, the possibilities are virtually limitless for those daring enough to attempt to make a living by fighting in a foreign land. Remaining the same, through so many communities and cultures, gives the possibility to cast comparison between different peoples and their actions and words. People generally are shy in Asia, with polite and kind faces. They play some tricks sometimes, and maybe games some others, but they are overall pretty liberal.

One other great thing about being out of the west, is freedom from being subjected to the by now monstrous PR and propaganda machines operating there. The continuing downturns in world equality seem especially remote from my spot on this little holiday island. Whatever news does reach these ears retains its ominous air, like remembering you left a toddler unsupervised in a kitchen. More glad than ever these days that I didn’t join the army, not sure if I’d want to be involved in any of what they’ve got going on.

Better off living a peaceful life of fighting to provide yourself with a standard of living that makes you proud.

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