muay times

281195_3749644666105_689370792_o These are no distinct ideas – here you will find no answers, and I can offer little but the indistinct impressions of a life spent travelling to fight. This is the life I love, but you do not choose the way – the way chooses you.

Our lives are defined by the relationships we have with others, people with hopes and aspirations of their own, and just as important to themselves. And there’s seven or more billion of us. All you can see here every day, at almost all hours, is people you’ve never seen before and will probably never see again. And from all corners of the globe; the Chinese mixing with the French mixing with the Russians and so on, and the Thais there, guiding them all through.

One seeming prerequisite of happy times is to reside at or near some source of great natural beuaty or life. The sea makes a prime example, good weather and the view over the ocean makes for a generally positive outlook. I write because I like the words, I fight for the thrill of the combat.

It can sometimes be a lonely lifestyle, but when you derive enjoyment from what you do then its not the same as work. The key I think is always to keep the love for whatever you are going to do, and if you don’t love it why waste your time on it? For me quietly wandering in a place I’ve never been before is one of the fun aspects of this life, always on the go to someplace new and living almost by your wits alone.

Out here there’s no real way to surivive if you don’t work hard, a lot of people can’t handle the routine. Training smart, and training to be smart, are the best ways to make it last, but the grind can take its toll on people. It all really comes down to dedication in the end. Can we find the way to be better people?

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