That girl

cropped-15139283_10207817938032824_515912148_n.jpgHello and welcome to this evening’s edition of things that have happened to me, coming to you live from Hut HQ and no less blitzed than usual. You’d think by now I’d be able to talk to girls, perhaps its just difficult to reconcile that we often can’t have exactly what we want to have. That’s why it pays to have hobbies such as these, to pass the nights when the warmth of a woman’s affection is lacking. Unfortunately apparently not just any old woman will do. Gone are the days of frantic clandestine lovemaking, and the inherent guilt therein. Now is a fresh start and the chance to do it right. But that requires patience and finding the right person to do it with.

The life of the nak muay is one which doesn’t readily prescribe itself to intimate relationships, the Thais always say that girls take away your power, but what I think they really mean is focus. If you’ve not got a girl’s immediate needs you should attend to, what is there to do but fight? It’s exactly the reason guys who don’t pull get into scraps after a night out. Men are wired for roughly two things and one usually affects the other. Nietzsche said with women, “the highs are higher and the lows more frequent”. Being single there is the definite benefit of stability but it gets boring going about all your business alone. Especially eating, though sometimes its nice to just sit in peace.

So any young ladies out there feeling the same don’t forget, mr. right is out there, and he’s waiting for you.

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