I sing

Endless competition insufficient sleep, the unending stream violent exertion necessary to leave forsaken mind numb and body limp heavy set like wet sand in bags. The inflated sense of import leaves bloated ego questioning choices, decisions – words fly wrong lines cross process of alienation continues. Dawn permeates the night like a veil and hooting birds begin their chant. 

“Of nothingness, I sing!” 

Of darkness within – live like Thais, die like Thais – eternal glory to the martyrs. You’re solid gold, I’ll see you in hell etc. And in those final moments, the clarity to see to feel to be – for real. From whence do we come, to what shall we return? 

“Of nothingness, I sing!” 

What remains is to give back love that we receive, to hope that love is enough to be free. I dream to be free. But to have what we do not want, and to want what we cannot have, is this the human condition? 

Of nothingness I sing.

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