The Birth of Terror

In the wake of having instigated an invasion which has caused the deaths of upwards of a million people, a refugee crisis in Europe, the rise of radical Islam, international terror, and pushed the world to the brink of holy war you would think people in the West would be more understanding about the fact that they shall now reap the rewards of what their governments have sown. Acts of mind-numbing, indiscriminate violence are no stranger to the average Palestinian child – so why should we be so upset? After all, it was our leaders who voted to go to war in the first place, so why should we shy away from the repercussions now? Furthermore, since our corporations have found such a bonanza – year after year of record profits posted by the petrochemicals and arms industries – should we not be weighing up the benefits as well as the costs of the War on Terror?

So a few hundred thousand Syrians, Libyans and other assorted unpeople have perished as a result of our noble intent to restore democracy to the middle east (along with a healthy flow of state-of-the-art weaponry, to pursue the old adage “guns go in, oil comes out”). But of course, if you’re going to rule a rapidly disintegrating world, you’re going to need to control that world’s major energy resources and what better way to do so than in the name of freedom and democracy? 

That our noble intents might not be entirely welcomed by the indigenous populations is neither here nor there, the civilizing effects of our tradition of freedom-at-gunpoint can be seen in many of the impoverished societies we have brought democracy to in the past. Take Iraq as an example, now the world-leading template for democracy promotion abroad.

 The rise of Islamic fundamentalism and international terror are mere by-products of their hatred of us and our way of life, it surely has nothing to do with our unconditional support and funding for the twin shining examples of human rights Israel and Saudi Arabia. On the contrary, they deserve as much advanced-tech weaponry and tax-payer support as they require to further domesticate their unruly populations. 

That we can now use the threat of Islamic terrorism, off-shoots of al-Qaeda that indeed we helped train and fund in Afghanistan to fight the Russians, to justify the ever increasing methods of control and surveillance at home – such as the militarisation of the police and erosion of internet privacy – is merely the icing on the cake. What better way to create a public frenzy than to use the media to confuse the bewildered herd into believing they are being attacked for their way of life. 

Meanwhile, whilst we continue to make cutbacks to healthcare and education, tax-cuts for the rich shall continue and even increase! Thankfully, the aforementioned media outlets have conditioned domestic populations to believe that social spending is a waste of valuable resources, whilst pumping public funds into subsidising corporations and bailing out our rich criminal friends in too-big-to-fail banking institutions is for their good. Public risk, private profit. 

As far as the refugee crisis caused by our benevolent expedition into Iraq, we welcome its destabilising effects on the economies of western Europe, for what better way could there be to control the population than by dividing it down racially segregated lines? When you consider that our true purpose is to keep the poor patient and fighting amongst themselves whilst we enrich ourselves at all cost, the plan is remarkably simple. That old pedant Adam Smith once labelled us as “vile” when he came up with his maxim, “all for ourselves, and nothing for other people.” 

And so on, so long as the “bewildered herd” refuse to educate themselves, taking our word for it, allowing themselves to be led by unquestioning surrender to authority and misguided by fear of the other.

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