It’s middle fingers up, nothing ever comes for free in this life except the worthwhile. Lose everything and be freed to begin again – choose another way, perhaps the right one after all? What will sustain you through those dark and hopeless days except belief in yourself and the knowledge that nothing will last forever? We are specks on the lens of time and every man has his own agenda, whether for good or ill they will be waiting for you – it isn’t the speed which kills you it’s the sudden halt.

Alone in the world you might just find yourself, until then let’s revolve around each other in this soup. Only this soup doesn’t know why it’s soup, or what it means to be soup. Nietzsche once wrote that solitude and labour of love illuminates a man to himself, but he went insane, so who can tell?

The only things I love are being on the road, and fighting. That’s about it I’m afraid, competition and voyaging, the only two respites from pervasive ambivalence. Set foot in some alien place and feel the past begin to dissolve as new memories begin to take shape. A deep breath, a brief word with a stranger – in six years I have never felt entirely unsafe – the chaos of the human race spilling forth amid streets and overpasses, steam rising from cookhouses and in alleyways, smells of food and constant sound in warm air. Much to deliberate, and controlling the trajectory of your fall becomes the manifestation of your self through this mysterious dream. Flee! Turn tail and run, go! Get out!

Between sand underfoot and glass towers overhead, liberty is to be set free from lies and deceit – but in the search for glory few are free from conceit – least of all me. Leave the past behind and grasp each moment with bloodied and broken fingers for the world is too full of wonder to worry about the future.

In this old town the wind sweeps and strips you clean, freshening after a year of dense humidity. Gothic brick castle rows shrouded in orange light line dark cobbled streets and people wear black. Sheltering from the exterior, order and propriety reign and cafes full of the well-to-do are peered into by junkies and alcoholics swaddled in adidas killing time til their next fix. Begging.

Immigrants of all races and backgrounds traverse and make business in these streets, a relief.

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