Guns Blazing

In an attempt to avoid the flow of negativity through my words I have silenced awhile my narratives on this life. Recently whilst recovering from brain damage sustained in pursuit of purpose and movement, violent inclination, I have reached conclusions the resultant objectivity of which are apparent.

Restlessness for learning and fulfillment continues, new ideals appear towards which I strive. Learn the risks and the rewards lie self-evident therein. Be resilient enough to grow, though the path may be long and unlit, in the face of the damaging impulses of others, your own mistakes, failures or ongoing misfortune – setbacks are mere temporary occurences in life.

Pursue that which you love and allow it to consume you entirely, for only through love does our memory remain. Heed the warnings of your peers however, for there is impoverishment to be found in selfish behaviour, do not deem sufficient the single decent act whilst but taking from those around you.

Not to be, when the gravity of being seems too great, be it between the realisation of the absurdity of the significance of one’s own existence, or it’s ongoing insignificance concludes to be at odds with such weight and in protest put an end to such certain uncertainty. Many cling in vain where others simply cannot maintain. When such darkness enters your heart remember you are but the observer.

Business involvement might cost you your life in a land where deception is a cultural theme.

I have questioned often the purpose of my own path through this plane, for meaning is found only in that to which we apply it; creation, art and movement, process of acquiring knowledge and skill, travel and exploration, competition and wealth. Yet what is the goal we endure such hardship for? These days I understand the appeal of the safe life, the quiet life, a life unburdened by ambition or the thrill of seeking knowledge of self.

Is there trust to be found anywhere, when I myself have lied to the one I loved? Far from superstition we are affected by the intents of those who surround us, therefore the negative impulses of others directly affect us, thus disavow those who cannot relate to your vision. Shield yourself from those consumed by ignorance, jealousy or deceit, for their toll shall also be heavy upon you.

Do not fear to trust in others however, for throughout this plane you shall find those whose hearts are not filled by unreasonable envy, learn from each person, move forward from past mistakes and failures, and find reason to go on teaching.

Waste not your energies on the maintenance of vendetta toward others, accept them for their actions and what those betray of themselves. Beware the grinning serpent who manipulates others against you, whose dagger falls from afar or once the guard is down or the back toward them.

Forsaken in youth I have wandered far in search of meaning, though fleeting, I have found it in hardship and sacrifice, brotherhood, nature and silence and beauty. I have endured that which I am certain many could not, and should you be able to I commend you for that, though they have tried – the few who make it here are forever marked by it; life, the great adventure, that from which there can be no survivors.

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  1. humphhh, actually i think you had make ur post high…………¿? don’t know if that good or bad, but you sitll like me 😀

  2. Like receiving social skills advice from an ATM machine. And it’s been out of service for 17 years

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