Moonlight don 🌙

To walk on quiet moonlit night, a starlight sea-washed beach, with clouds whose silver tops are lit, and shadows beneath one’s feet, and watch as silver crests roll in, move silently above – these moments in which a man may find his railing sense of shock, at grandeur found in life, a warrior sat alone at night upon a glistening rock.

To be at peace or finding free the kindly solitude, the silver air a frame, a part of our shared vision, the answer is the same. To hear the echoed waves return from silent line of trees, to bathe in supernatural light for years until set free.

And next to it orange shimmering Mars – only slightly further out; I come to life in ethereal light shone bright through fractal cloud, watch fruit bat circle silently, black shadow of the night.

I’ve wronged but carry burden liar’s guilt with selfish act no more, for selfless is distinct, and though mistakes are made in life to learn is then to think.

Looking up at endless shifting mass, exceptional beautiful sight, the glorious subtleties of the vortices of the night.

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