From the beginning I was struck by the apparently perfect contrast between Phuket and Edinburgh, my home town. Never was the analogy of the yin and yang more culturally applicable… the bad within the good, and good found within bad. There, the vibrant culture and visceral environment populated by seemingly untrustworthy individuals – as an aside, violent crime in Thailand is extremely low. Comparative to places in Europe and South America, I found the streets to be remarkably safe even at night. And here, the damp concrete and architecture populated by a vibrant and multi-ethnic mix of generous-hearted people, who tend amicably towards good deeds and manners, which comes as a relief each day.

However, neither such environment could by itself be enough… and how, on having experienced the other, the one who has wandered may form a comparison, by having left, you may return with fresh eyes and a clear mind.

Thankful therefore I am, for all the varied and wonderful people I have met, who have contributed openly to my becoming who I am. Likewise the vivid sun which sets behind palms, and the quiet ocean which laps – flickering with irridescent flecks of life, or the wide spiral arm of stars overhead, or the forest which sings at night – warm reminders that you are not alone!

These scenes brought quiet to my heart, forgave me my sins, listened while I wept or rose proud as I roared with arms flung wide – and the moon which shone in her magnificence, celestial goddess, whose shape shall never be forgotten.

Such visions came bearing answers, observer, your purpose is acceptance, and openness in the face of danger. Not fearing the unknown, stride valiant against times uncertain, strive always for learning and live steadfast in the face of adversity.


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  1. Excellent, very poetic prose. The final paragraph is particularly good. A kind of traveller’s desiderata. Please post more!

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