War & Peace

Weed and wine, coffee and coconuts - life is all about the detail. Thus welcome again to another edition of Life of the Outsider; coming to you live and unsurprised from bamboo mansion three of five. The rolling hills and plains of Phuket looking greener than fresh bud or my kawasaki after the morning rains... Continue Reading →


Dream states

I have always sleep-walked, from youth, I remember the first incidence of it occuring, I dreamt that two eastern europeans were passing my belongings out of my bedroom window whilst I lay beneath them. Evidently my body engaged and I leapt up. Over the years it has manifested itself in various scenarios, usually easily laughed... Continue Reading →

I sing

Endless competition insufficient sleep, the unending stream violent exertion necessary to leave forsaken mind numb and body limp heavy set like wet sand in bags. The inflated sense of import leaves bloated ego questioning choices, decisions - words fly wrong lines cross process of alienation continues. Dawn permeates the night like a veil and hooting... Continue Reading →

Tread the light

They say the city never sleeps, its 3:17am and im in a taxi stuck in traffic on Sukhumvit rd and I've already been scammed once this evening, it seems I never learn. Around these parts the term metropolis takes on a reality of its own, dystopia; hookers and food vendors line the streets beneath the... Continue Reading →

5am Thought Train

Having pulled through the fire of recent events, and coming to the partial conclusions I have about the people around me, the question seems to become can I survive? Can we find a way to safely navigate the treacherous streets and dark alleyways of life? Have I been naive to think that anybody has my... Continue Reading →

untitled life

In order that many of you do not come to the conclusion that I am a raging xenophobe, I would like to qualify some of my earlier statements, from this rock overlooking the Andaman sea.  I was born into poverty, to a single mother who married an arab. For 9 years of my upbringing my... Continue Reading →


Lies and deception, a changing of perception, the fact of the matter though is, if you trust Thais - as Jordan did, and fully - it seems you are literally taking your life in your hands. Any trust which may have remained for Thais died with Jordan Coe. Until Jordan's death, in my mind, the... Continue Reading →


Last week saw the untimely and shocking death of a young hero, the implications of this tragedy have yet to fully take shape, perhaps even Jordan was not aware of the influence he had in his short life. The outpourings of love and sorrow which have followed news of this senseless death have come from... Continue Reading →


     Through muay Thai I have a life that prior to embarking on this trail might have only daydreamed about. For sure, it might not be to everyone's taste, but the thrill and adrenaline rush of combat is like a drug. Only the high of this drug is the calm which can be achieved... Continue Reading →

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