Remind me of what I am and who I have been, remind me of coasts of gold and amazement, remind me of pain and of fear. Remind me of love found in the eyes of another. All of life is change, and through the fires of misfortune and mistake and failure are we forged anew.

The meaning of life is whatever we make it – but violence chose me. Capable of what though? Capable of sharing the greatest times of my life with you? Of finding love where only there had been loneliness and alienation? Capable of discovering so much joy, capable of achieving beyond dreams despite pain?

Adversity and sacrifice can become your greatest allies in discovering who you are to become. Seek them and you shall find riches beyond any petty material thing – seek them alone and you shall become more than anyone envisioned.

No amount of alcohol, drugs or women could ever compare to the thrill of being matched in unarmed combat – victory and defeat are arbitrary concepts created to appease the audience – the joy of combat is shared only by those stood before one another exchanging blows. To give yourself fully in one moment – regardless of the consequences, to put fear and egotism aside and to simply breathe through the hectic-most moments of your small existence. To shrug in the face of fear and death for a single moment’s glory. That is what it truly means to be alive.

Bereavement and the death of love leave the same emptiness in this black heart but it’s gold centre remains – and what is left I shall give until blindness do us part.

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